Servicing Schools Nationwide

Since 1956 with School Supplies

Harcourt NOT only prepares Back to School Pack but also can help you all through out the year.  We can produce Banners, Magnets, Custom Pens and Pencils, as well as your Bulk Supply Needs.  Just Call us at 1-800-428-6584 and ask...

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     Servicing Schools Nationwide Since 1956 with School Supplies!

Harcourt has supplied Schools and similar organizations with school supplies since 1956.  We have become a leader in the school supplies industry.  The Back to School Pack program is a way to help teachers and parents gather all the needed supplies for the new school year.


No more teacher frustration that the kids do not have all the needed supplies to succeed in class.

No more frustrated parents driving to multiple locations to purchase supplies only to find they are sold out.


Harcourt Back to School packs allow the teacher to create a custom list of school supplies.  Teachers submit a list of items via our simple Request a Quote form and Harcourt does all the rest.  The supplies come from dependable name brand makers.  In short the Kids and Teachers are off to a great start of the school year.


Orders and Quotes are usually prepared in the spring for the next years start up.


Harcourt has seen an incredible growth in the Back to School Pack program.  This tells us that it is a winner for all parties, the teachers, parents and students.  Schools continue to participate year after year.  We think this is due to the fantastic customer service, great name brand products and helpful promotional materials provided by Harcourt.


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