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How The Harcourt Back to School Pack Program Works

The most common question we get is how does your program work ?  We at Harcourt have made every attempt at making this the most comprehensive and easy to use program available.

Teachers, Students and Parents benefit from this Back to School Program.


Step 1 - Gather the supply list from each grade level teacher.  Usually by Spring Break or shortly thereafter.


Step 2 - Submit your list to Harcourt for a custom quote.  We have 4 Ways to submit your list for quoting.

1. Email your list to  2. Fax a copy to 1-800-278-5165  3. Call Connie Williams at 1-800-428-6584 Ext 163  4. Click Here for our on-line Quote Request  Harcourt will promptly supply you with a custom quote for your Back to School Kits.


Step 3 - By May 1st, decide on selling price of packs, pick up date, etc .  Harcourt's can provide order forms or you may make up your own order form.


Step 4 - Send out order forms.  Customers can order on line or return form to school.  Customer will decide to have packs delivered to school or shipped directly to parents homes for an additional cost.


Step 5 - Place all orders by June 8th, 2020.  Harcourt's will deliver/ship packs to school or parent on specified date.


Step 6 - Payment due by September 10, 2020 *

Additional Options

Individual  - school offers program to all parents and they have the choice to purchase a pack.

(Program Described above)


School Wide Program - A pack is purchased for every student in the school and added to their book rental or fees. Call for discount.


District Wide Program - A pack is purchased for every student in the district and added to their book rental or fees.  Call for discount.


Fundraising - Packs can be marked up in price to make this a fundraising program.